We’re Out Of Gas And She’s Out Of Time

Last Updated on: 24th February 2017, 02:58 pm

Other than just because it’s Mexico, how does stuff likethishappen?

Darlene Ferguson was among those who died in last weekend’s explosion at the Grand Riviera Princess resort in Playa del Carmen. However, there’s perhaps a sporting chance she may not have if any or all of the following had not occurred:

  • She hadn’t been taken to 3 different medical facilities,
  • it didn’t take 3 hours for her to finally get some treatment,
  • the ambulance workers hadn’t hooked her up to the respirator the wrong way,
  • and

  • the ambulance hadn’t run out of gas during the trip.

And to add insult to injury, when the gas ran out, Ferguson’s daughter Katie was asked to pay for the refill.

This is the kind of thing that would get companies shut down and sued back to the dark ages in Canada and I hope most other developed countries, but why do I get the feeling that it’ll just be treated as business as usual in Mexico?

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