What Would You Like On That, Sir? I’ll Have Some Peppers And Some Forgery Charges.

Last Updated on: 20th August 2015, 12:37 pm

Sometimes that whole if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again thing isn’t the best strategy for living your life.

It most definitely wasn’t in the case ofWilliam Peppers,who was bound and determined that no matter what, he was going to get himself some Edwardo’s pizza. He almost did, aside from the part where he got arrested instead.

Peppers placed an order for $51 worth of food and attempted to put it on a credit card. Actually he attempted to put it on a few credit cards, two of which were denied and one that had just been called in by its rightful owner because of some unauthorized activity.

Employees at the restaurant alerted police, who decided that they’d bring dinner to Peppers. Dressed as a delivery man and with an Edwardo’s sign on an unmarked squad car, an officer took off to fill the order. Once Peppers signed his receipt, he was arrested and charged with felony forgery.

So far there haven’t been any details on court appearances or sentencing, but my money’s on 30 days and he’s free.

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