Not A Very Inspiring Self-Defence Lesson

Last Updated on: 27th January 2022, 09:58 pm

Wow. In real life, someone brought a knife to a gunfight. Since it’s up here, you know it didn’t end well. I guess technically the gunfight hadn’t started yet. Alvin Merriwell Lewis Jr. was talking about how he would defend himself with his pocketknife. Thomas Larry Bolds decided to put him to the test, and shot him 8 times. I guess he wanted to prove him wrong without any doubt?

The freaky part was this happened in this guy’s house. So it wasn’t like these two were strangers. That’s one big prick of a…um…friend? Acquaintance? To shoot a guy 8 times. And now he’s charged with murder. Hmmm. Didn’t really win big there did he?

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