>Gummy Bears, Stumbling Round And Falling Everywhere

>With resourceful ideas like this, how can America not be a gloabal leader in math and science? Honestly, if anywhere near the amount of energy went into useful things like fixing the debt or curing diseases as goes into methods for improving laziness and the being hammered experience, that country would be whipping the world’s ass at pretty much everything. It’s not like they don’t have the brain power to make wonderful things happen. To prove this point, I submit for your consideration vodka soaked gummy bears.

Seriously, who thinks of that? Alcoholics yes, but them excluded, this sounds like one of those dumb luck scientific discoveries you hear about all the time that seems to come out of absolutely nowhere. You know, the ones that left field looks at and says hey, where did that come from?

I know as a kid this would have struck me as brilliant, but right now all I can think is jesus, why would you ruin a perfectly good gummy bear like that? I imagine these things tasting like absolute crap. Has anybody tried them? I figure some of you must have since the story says they’re “the new teen rage,” and you know how well the news knows kids.

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