Two Calls, One Boat

Last Updated on: 5th October 2014, 05:00 pm

Hello, 911? My name is William Hodges and I need your help. My boat has run out of gas. I’m about a mile from shore in the Gulf of Mexico and I’d rather not be stuck out here in this 17 foot crab boat all day. Thanks.

Hello, 911? I’m calling from the I.C. Sharks seafood company and we need your help. One of our 17 foot crab boats has gone missing and we were hoping you could give us a hand finding it. We’d rather not be without it all day. Thanks.

Hello, I.C. Sharks seafood company? This is 911. We think we found your boat. Do you happen to know a fellow by the name of William Hodges? No? Ok, we’ll just go ahead and bring him in on grand theft then. Your welcome.

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