Please Continue To Let Somebody Do The Holding For You

Last Updated on: 17th February 2014, 02:32 pm

The reasons for me to finally cave and invest in a phone much smarter than my current one have been piling up for a while now, and here’s another one.

Calling customer service usually involves a kink in my shoulder, bad jazz flute music, and lots of waiting. I’ve decided that I’ve got better things to do, and thankfully, so has Fast Customer. This brilliant app (available for iOS and Android), lets you choose from a list of over 3,000 customer service numbers. Find the company you want to speak to, and request a callback with one button— then put your phone down and get on with your day… Fast Customer calls you back when there’s a real live human on the line.

They admit in the video that it’s not perfect, but do say that there’s a feature for requesting new companies you’d like to see added. Perfect or not, If I had a phone that could handle it I’d try this in a heartbeat. It would be pretty hard to be worse than sitting there for an hour listening to bad music that gets cut off every 30 seconds by ads and instructions to keep waiting.

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