What Time Is It? I Don’t Know, But It’s Not Time To Take That Police Station Clock

One thing about master criminals, or any criminals really. they never know when enough is enough. Take Dennis W. Baugham and Michael A. Marquez, for example.

The pair made off with a shopping cart and a whack of new camping gear from a nearby store, but forgot the don’t draw attention to yourself rule that is oh so important in criminal endeavours. If they didn’t forget it, they certainly violated it. Criminals violating rules? I know, you’re shocked. For some reason, perhaps because they couldn’t agree on who got to take what home, they got into a fight near a bridge. This, naturally, drew the attention of the local constabulary and the two were hauled in for some questioning.

Here’s where the knowing your limit part comes in.

As police tried to figure out to whom this camping equipment belonged, a sharp-eyed officer observed Marquez swipe a clock from the wall of his interview room and try to stuff it in his backpack. Yes, this went as well as you would imagine.

Both men have been charged with possession of a stolen shopping cart, and Marquez was also charged with petit theft as a result of the clock misadventure. At last word, both had been booked into jail.

Cops still have no idea who’s camping stuff they have. If you’ve been anywhere in or around Panama City, Florida or happen to know something about a recreation-related theft there, they would like to hear from you, please and thanks.

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