Have You Always Been Faithful?

Last Updated on: 5th July 2012, 07:08 pm

A couple is celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in a lovely restaurant. They’re talking about how happy their marriage has been and still is.

The husband says, “We have been married for so long, 50 wonderful years, but there is something I have been meaning to ask you.”

“Yes, dear, anything you want,” replies the wife.

“Have you always been faithful? Come on, you can tell me; we have been married for so long nothing can change that.”

Shocked as she was, she figured she owed him the truth.

“I have been unfaithful three times,” she says. “Remember when you were going to lose the business and you desperately needed a loan, but none of the banks you went to gave you one? And then, on the weekend, one of the bank managers came to the house and gave it to you? Well that was the first time.”

“I am shocked, but also I love you dearly because you sacrificed yourself to save me from bankruptcy. What about the 2nd time,” he asks.

“The second time was when you had the heart attack and needed that special surgery. Remember the heart specialist flew in from Chicago?” she said.

“Again I am shocked, but I love you even more because you did it for me. You are truly a magnificent woman. Tell me the third time.”

“Well, remember when you were running for mayor and you were 47 votes short….?”

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