Officer, I Think We Know Who You’re Looking For

Odds are this has probably happened before, but you certainly don’t hear about it every day.

A couple of police officers in Tempe, Arizona were sitting in their unmarked car looking for clues that might help out an investigation into a string of burglaries in the area when they got some unexpected company in the form of Paul Gardener and Chad Leakey. The two gentlemen had arrived to offer their assistance to the officers, though they didn’t realize immediately that this was the case.

Police spokesman Sgt. Mike Pooley said Gardener opened the rear passenger door and attempted to get inside the vehicle until he realized the back seat was a cage in a police vehicle.

Gardener and Leakey attempted to run away but were quickly apprehended.

When they were searched, Gardener was found to be in possession of a bag of meth, while Leakey was sporting a backpack full of stolen mail.

The pair has since been linked to at least one other vehicle break-in and two more attempted ones. Each has been charged. No word on whether they took themselves to jail.

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