Excuse Me Miss, I’d Like To Leave A Deposit

It’s always lovely when things like this happen in your town at places you walk past all the time.

And who the hell does this kind of thing during lunch hour at an open bank where there’s likely to be witnesses and where help is never far away?

The incident happened around 12:20 p.m. at the Bank of Montreal on Wyndham Street. A woman went in to use the bank machine and a man followed and rubbed himself against her buttocks, a news release said. The woman was alarmed, but thought maybe the action was a mistake, until the man pushed himself up against her rear again and began to fondle himself, it said.

The woman got away and went into the bank for some help. Police were called and arrested the man, who has not been identified. He’s been charged with sexual assault and possession of a controlled substance. That second charge is based on the pot they found on him while he was being searched.

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