This Wasn’t Even A Halfway Decent Idea

If I were in the position to make such a call, there’s almost no way I would have authorized this particular readiness drill.

A school district in Oregon is catching some flak after it recently sicced two masked gunmen loaded with blank on a meeting room full of teachers as part of a surprise “readiness drill” for an active shooter scenario.
The two men burst into the meeting room at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway last Friday and opened fire on the teachers within.
After several long moments, the terrorized teachers realized the shooting was staged since they weren’t, well, being shot to death.

Forget all the people in that room, though I’m sure they were scared shitless and thankfully none of them had a bad heart that was just waiting to give up the ghost. What I want to know is how they convinced two guys to act as the shooters. Here in Canada I might give some fleeting consideration to playing the part before telling you you’re out of your mind, but in the States? There’s no fucking way! Half the population is armed either legally or otherwise as it is, and depending on where you are your school district may soon be passing measures to ensure that all of the teachers are carrying guns. And to slap a big, steaming cherry on the dumbshit sundae that is this story, one of those districts just so happens to be this one. Nice going, guys.

On a side note, I love you Gawker, I really do. but Jesus H the typos! You’ve got a staff and your company is worth several million dollars. Pay somebody to look things over before they go public, would ya?

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