Crap! Nobody Told Us You People Read Braille With Your Hands!

Well done, Conservative Party research office, well done. Conservative disability mailout uses braille that’s unreadable

The so-called “householder” pamphlets, prepared by the party’s research office and sent out by MPs using their parliamentary mailing privileges, were intended to flag the government’s efforts to help people with disabilities enter the workforce.
The headline on the document, Supporting Jobs for All Canadians, is also written in what at first glance appears to be braille. But the dots used to render the Braille letters are printed in ink and are not embossed or raised using a braille printer.
Blind people “read” braille by passing their fingertips over the tiny dots. If the letters cannot be felt, they are useless.

Yes, people who don’t grasp concepts this basic are currently tasked with running the entire country. Thanks again for that, voting public.

It’s also nice that they only fake brailled the headline and then had the nerve to write this in the pamphlet.

“Unfortunately, disabled Canadians are sometimes limited by inaccessible workplaces. Improving accessibility will remove barriers and help create jobs and economic growth.”

If the government truly meant that, it wouldn’t have fought so hard to prevent having to make its own websites accessible when it got sued by the function lady.

Hilariously, the mailout also includes a survey asking people which of the political parties is “on the right track to improve accessibility.” Life experience tells me that there had better be a none of the above option, and now I’d say there should probably be an anybody but the Conservatives choice as well.

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  1. Mentioned this on Twitter, so should put it here too. Carin and I actually got one of these in the mail a couple of days after I posted this.

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