I’ll Have A 12 Inch Road Rage On White, Please

You’ve just sideswiped a vehicle. What should you do?
A: Calmly exchange information with the driver after you’ve made sure he’s ok.
B: Get the hell out of there.
C: Throw a sandwich at him when he tries to talk to you, then point a gun at him when he makes the same mistake again.

If you said C, congratulations. You think like a pair of mysterious Floridians.

While traveling northbound in the middle through lane, police said Diaz felt an impact from the rear side of his Nissan, noticing another vehicle had sideswiped him.
Both vehicles then pulled over. As Diaz stepped out of his Nissan, police said the other driver opened his door and threw a sandwich at the windshield of his vehicle.
Diaz ducked for cover as the sandwich splattered on his windshield, sending sandwich parts flying in a 3-foot radius, according to Orlando police.
Diaz was very confused, but police said he attempted to make contact with the driver again. As he went towards the front of his vehicle, authorities said the passenger got out of the front passenger side and pointed a black handgun at Diaz.

At that point Diaz retreated to the relative safety of his vehicle and the food flinging crazy people left the scene.

Unfortunately police have very little to go on, as Diaz wasn’t able to get plate numbers or positively ID the make of what hit him. He did say that he would recognize the suspects if he saw them again, however. My money’s on the guys waiting for a background check at Subway.

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