Decoding A Childhood Story

Once again, here’s Gill with a guest post. I think I’m going to start calling her Guest Posting Gill.

Do you ever remember hearing the story of the ugly duckling and the beautiful swan? Have you ever actually sat down and thought about what true beauty is?

Lets take the ugly duckling for instance. Ugly duckling has some scars from accidents, messed up teeth, is a little chubby, and lets not forget the acne leftovers from those awkward teen years. A pretty bad situation right? Lets look just beyond the exterior, and what do we find? Ugly duckling does service projects in her community, makes meals for the homeless, and whenever her friends are down she is there with something to cheer them up.

Now lets talk about beautiful swan. Beautiful swan has flawless skin and teeth, she is just the right size, and has been on magazine covers. She’s perfect right? Unfortunately not. When asked those around her will say she is selfish, shallow, and rude.

So what’s my point? Basically one must look deeper for what is the truth about beauty.

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