“I Was Thinking It Would Have A Horseman Baby.” Forget The Rest Of The Title, You’ve Already Clicked

This story is a bit old, but when old stories are this story, age ain’t nothin’ but a number, my friends.

Clearly, Andrew Mendoza is a lot of things. And for both better and worse, honest to a fault appears to be one of them.

In a statement given to a sergeant with the Wharton County Sheriff’s Office, Andrew Mendoza, 29, waived his assorted rights and told of a late night encounter with a brown horse.
Mendoza, who had been waiting to hear from his girlfriend, noted that, “I told myself that if she didn’t call me I was going to go next door and mess with the neighbor’s horse.”
Which is what occurred, Mendoza told Sergeant Raymond Jansky.
“I was trying to make the horse have a baby,” Mendoza explained. “I was thinking it would have a horseman baby.” He added, “I ain’t going to lie, I blew a nut in the horse. I then got off the bucket and put my clothes back on and left. I promise that I have not been back over to the horse since that time.”

He may not have gotten with the horse again, but perhaps that’s because in either the saddest or happiest of endings that a tale like this could possibly have, Mendoza later hung himself in the county jail that was holding him on charges of trespassing and indecency with a child. A human child, I assume.

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