Average Person

Let’s start off the morning with some Gill, as she reminds us all that being average is ok. Being average at something has always been a goal of mine, actually. Hopefully one day I’ll reach it.

I am not going to discover a cure for cancer, but I definitely won’t set my hand on fire trying to weld something. What does that mean? It means that I, Ms. Gillie am one of the grand majority known as An Average Person.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of things? Basically I’m pretty good at some things like skiing, oddball clues on quiz shows, and creating recipe free delights. I suck at baking, wrapping presents, and walking on stilts.

Is there anything wrong with being average? No. There’s far less pressure to invent something, and you won’t be one of the ones heading to emerge for stapling your rear end to something.

I have learned, and come to realize that there’s nothing more comfortable than that place called average.

Bye for now

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