I Write The Songs…That I Wish I Hadn’t

Now and then I’ll hear one of those famous, endures through the generations songs and think to myself you know, I wish I could write just one tune like that. I’d have it made. Would never have to worry about a thing again. But after reading 5 Iconic Songs Despised by the People Who Created Them, maybe I should rethink that. Perhaps being known the world over for something everybody loves isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Worse yet (in Yorke’s eyes), people were connecting Yorke himself with the song, believing that he was the lonely, depressed subject of its narrative. He quickly grew to despise “Creep” for making him a poster boy for self-loathing (in addition to, and we cannot stress this enough, making his band both popular and relevant). He rechristened the song “Crap,” and displayed about as much affection for it as that would suggest (Yorke claims that Radiohead “sucked Satan’s cock” when they rode “Creep” to stardom, a statement likely made from within the mansion that Satan’s cock paid for).
When fans inevitably request “Creep,” Yorke has responded on various occasions by telling them to fuck off, storming offstage, and inexplicably calling everyone in the audience “anally retarded,” which is an affliction we cannot begin to imagine. The band has even asked other artists they tour with to play it for them, just so they won’t have to. Keep in mind that tickets to see Radiohead routinely sell for hundreds of dollars, so imagine paying that price, as a fan, only to see their biggest hit get sweatily mashed out by an unwashed Moby.

…Or perhaps Thom Yorke is just an insufferable wiener hamper. Yeah, it’s probably that. But that said, I can understand how trying your hardest to create new sounds for people yet still being asked to do the same old thing over and over like a robot for years and years no matter what you do might wear on you after a while. I think I’d still like to have some of that Creep Money,though.

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