Wacky Dreams And Common Themes

Gill’s talk about the Sesame Street pinball song made me dig, root and search for Steve’s post where he mentions the thing. Good thing I did, since the damn video he linked to has been pulled, so I had to find another one. That was four years ago? Where is my life going?

But Gill’s dream post also got me thinking about a dream I have often. Every few months or so, I dream that I’m back in school, and things are merrily movin’ along, or so I think…until I suddenly discover that I have been neglecting an entire course of assignments. I either haven’t been going to the course at all, or I’ve just forgotten to do any of the work. I wonder how this is possible, and what on earth I’m going to do about it, especially since it’s now exam time…and then I wake up, madly trying to convince myself that this is not plausible because I make a calendar every semester, and I’m not even in school anymore, for crying out loud!

I always thought I was weird for having this dream over and over again. Then I heard it’s one of the most common dreams. I also saw dreams about illness/near death on the list. And here I thought having my head hacked open with an axe was something only I would dream. Maybe I’m not that odd after all?

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