He Shoots, But If He Could Score He Wouldn’t Be Doing This Kind Of Thing

Last Updated on: 13th November 2013, 08:32 am

Ok seriously, what in the actual hell is going on here? Yesterday I mentioned the recent proliferation of tubesnake tales on the site, and woke up this morning thinking that maybe today would be a day where we could talk about something else for awhile. In an attempt to make that happen, I decided to blow out some of the stuff that’s been building up in the sports section of my RSS reader and see if I could find anything interesting in the process. Surely we can’t run into any trouble there, right? Uh…Wrong! Thanks a lot, Nardeo Samlall.

The fan approached a group of women at 2:35 p.m. Monday at the Kennedy TTC station, brushed up against them, and then sat down on a bench behind them and allegedly committed what police simply called “an indecent act.”
He then allegedly brushed up against a second group of females at the TTC stop.

He did all of this while wearing a custom Maple Leafs jersey with his first name on the back, according to reports. Smart.

Oh, and his name has the word nard in it, which means testicles in case you don’t remember being a 9-year-old boy.

So yeah, I pretty much had to post this. I’m sure you understand.

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