A Little Bit Of Humour

I’m not sure why Gill decided to remind a group of folks like you Vomiteers to try to see the humour in situations, but here ya go. Although there’s a chance I may have to laugh in the face of some neuclear stupidity and annoyingness (Is that a word?) in a few short hours, so maybe this reminder is more timely than first thought.

Oh, and I do believe this calls for a soundtrack.

About a month ago my water heater crapeth out. I could have sworn, gotten upset, or
written a diatribe on how my living conditions suck, but instead I chose to see the
humor in it. In one e-mail to my mom I said I was on “Heater Watch 2013 hour 17.`

Although not every situation in life can be handled this way, it is important to see
a situation like this with a touch of humor.

What situations have you seen the humor in, and what can you learn from them?

Talk soon friends

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