Your Strange Cover Of The Day: Man In The Box By Duo De Twang

Duo de Twang is Les Claypool (the Primus guy) and Bryan Kehoe (the that name sounds familiar from someplace but don’t ask me where exactly guy). They’re releasing an entire album of covers like this through ATO Records on February 4th. It’ll be called Four Foot Shack, in case you’re interested in picking it up. It’ll be called that even if you aren’t, but you know what I’m saying. You can listen to Man in the Box here. I’d embed it, but none of the damn buttons are labeled properly. If you’re a blind kid like me and need to know this sort of thing, play is the first one. Beyond that, can’t help ya.

I’m not sure what to make of this, but I think I’m leaning towards liking it. It’s odd, but it’s interesting.

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