The Geezer Bandits Have A New Friend

It’s been a few years, but somebody has finally gotten around to robbing banks while hooked up to oxygen again. It’s a strategy that’s been marginally successful in the past, as you may recall. Police aren’t sure if this latest case is an actual oxygen needer or one of our readers deciding “you know, that’s just crazy enough to work,” but they’re trying to get to the bottom of it.

The FBI believes a robber nicknamed “The O2 Bandit” has held up three Denver banks this month.

Investigators gave the man his nickname because he pulls robberies wearing a medical mask and appears to be carrying a mobile oxygen (O2) tank with him. Investigators don’t know if the tank is real, according to a Tuesday news release by the Denver Police Department and the FBI Rocky Mountain Safe Streets Task Force.

Other than his medical gear, the robber’s method is routine. He enters the banks, presents a note demanding money to the teller and then flees with the cash.

He faces at least 60 years in prison if caught, since the penalty for bank robbery is 20 years per offense.

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