Everything You Know Is Wrong. Got My Mind Set On You Is Not A George Harrison Song

“Got My Mind Set on You” is that ridiculously fun George Harrison song from the 1980’s. Everyone knows that. But as I discovered this morning, everyone is wrong.

That’s right,it was actually first recorded by a guy named James Ray in the early 1960’s, around the same time people were starting to realize that those Beatles lads might have a bit of a future.

Score one more for listening to CBC Radio 2, which is just about the best radio station Canada has now. Had I not been tuned in this morning, I’d likely have gone another 25 years without knowing this.

Here’s the version we all know and love, because there’s no way to talk about it without listening to it. George Harrison – Got My Mind Set On You

And while we’re at it, the Weird Al parody.

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