I Wish I Could Say Nay Nay

It sucks when literally the first thing you hear upon waking up in the morning is crappy news. Well, I guess if we’re being technical the first thing I heard this morning was some guy on Coast to Coast going on and on about the ability of turmeric to shrink cancer cells, but I fell asleep again. But when I woke up proper a little before 6, I was greeted by the news of John Pinette’s untimely death. He was only 50.

He’s being remembered mostly for his part in the last episode of Seinfeld, which I’d completely forgotten about. But I’ll remember him as a random name on an episode of Just For Laughs back in the mid 90’s that I totally fell in love with after just a couple of minutes and remained a fan of ever since.

He was hilarious, with an ability to take every day experiences like camping and waterparks, drop them into his life as a fat guy and exagerate them to the point of just enough ridiculousness that you would catch yourself thinking that maybe this really might’ve happened even though you knew better.

They say he was touring and working out material for a new special when he died. Hopefully one day we’ll get to see it, since I’m sure that even in its earliest stages it was already pretty good. But for now, all we can do is enjoy what we already have. John Pinette (2004) I Say Nay Nay

John Pinette I’m Starving

John Pinette – Still Hungry Audio

I don’t know where people go when they die, but I hope there isn’t a line.

Goodbye, John.

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  1. Hehehehe!GetOutaTheLine!

    Did any of those videos have the Sweet ‘n’ Gluton bit in it? I think about that every time someone talks about cutting out gluton.

    So so sad.

    1. I didn’t watch them all the way through today and haven’t seen them in a long time, but I’m pretty much positive it’s there. Juicing is there and no-carb bread is there, so if memory serves there should be gluton.

      Oh and Carin, if it’s gonna break, I’m not gonna buy it.

      1. Crycrycrycry I can’t take it anymore! I have no idea why that upset me so much…in some twisted part of my mind I thought I had broken your brand new phone. What that had to do with ridiculous warranties and beating up some store employee, I have no idea, but for some reason, that was very upsetting to me. Then again we were just about to move…and I was all about ruining people’s plans in that era, so something was wrong with me.

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