I Now Pronounce You Old, Smashed, Creepy And Gross

I’m hardly what you’d call religious, but even I understand that it takes a special sort of person to have sex on a church lawn. But it takes an even more special (Specialer?) type to do it in broad daylight…during a wedding…that isn’t your own…and that you weren’t even invited to.

Stone then approached Sandra Kruser and Wilson Benally, who were laying on the church lawn. “I walked over to the couple and I physically saw the sex act,” Stone reported. Specifically, the cop noted, Benally “had his tongue and finger inside of Ms. Krusen’s vagina.”

The Kruser-Benally tryst was viewed by, among others, “four children in the wedding party,” according to a police report.

When Stone confronted the couple, they initially ignored orders to stop having sex. Kruser and Benally–who were not invited to the nuptials–eventually had to be pried apart by Stone.

At this point I feel it may be worthwhile to note the ages of our lovers. Kruser is 60 and Benally is 56. Let that swirl around your mind for a while.

Both were charged with gross lewdness and public intoxication which should pretty well go without saying, shouldn’t it? Benally was also hit with a criminal trespass count. Why just him? Neither of them were supposed to be at the church, so wouldn’t you ding both of them? It also seems reasonably clear that he had permission to enter the vagina, so where else was he that he wasn’t supposed to have been? Then again, it could have something to do with any number of situations, as jail records show that he’s been booked there 102 times in the past.

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