The surprising part of this story isn’t that some crazy person threatened people in a Burger King with death by shotgun. The part that really gets me is that people still eat at Burger King. Seriously, why? I may have said this before, but it apparently needs repeating. I can eat nothing but fries in there and still wind up having the shits for an entire day. The place is the worst.

Anyway, now that you know much more about me than you ever wanted to, on to the tale of Andrea Ann McCullough.

According to police, McCullough quarreled with Burger King workers when she discovered that her Cinnabon roll was not fresh. The 7 PM dispute escalated, a patron told cops, when McCullough threatened, “I’m going to shoot down the place.” While saying this, McCullough “had her hand inside a black purse,” the witness added. 

After employees said they were calling police, McCullough and two female companions fled the restaurant’s parking lot in a Dodge Charger.

Employees managed to take down her license plate number, which made her fairly easy for the police to catch up with.

She was charged with a count of misdemeanor assault that could put her away for up to three years if convicted. For now, however, she’s free to eat hopefully fresh treats at places better than fucking Burger King after posting $10,000 bail.

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