Voting, Accessible Voting And A Voting Song Of Questionable Enjoyability

We spent a decent little chunk of time a few weeks back on different versions of Jolene. It was fun, so let’s revisit it, shall we? Only this time we’ll do so in topical parody form, because of course there would be a version made for the upcoming Ontario election. I wonder who this guy’s voting for?

Thanks to Michelle for dropping this my way…I think. A good message, but just a wee smidge not so great in the singing department.

And don’t worry, people foolish enough to vote for a guy who thinks the first step toward creating a million jobs is firing 100000 people, I’ll gladly post your shitty Tim Hudak songs if any exist.

But really, no matter who you vote for, please do vote. We say it all the time, but that’s because it’s important. I’d be happy for numerous reasons if you didn’t vote PC, but I’d be even happier just knowing that you took the time to vote for somebody.

And while we’re on the subject of voting, now seems like a good time to mention the assistive voting technology available for people with disabilities.

“Wait…assistive voting technology,” asked everyone?

Yes, it’s a thing, though you’d hardly know it judging from the promotion it’s been given. It was available last election as well, and it’s fantastic. Hang on, I’ll see if I can dig up the page on the elections Ontario site. Ahh, here it is.

During the 11 days preceding election day:
In returning offices and satellite offices, assistive voting tools will be available that feature:

•Audio headphones
•Tactile buttons
•Large keypads marked with Braille
•A “sip and puff” device

There’s more info there outlining other accommodations that are being made for various disabilities. You really should have a look if you haven’t already voted as Carin and I did earlier this week. We were the first two people in our riding to use the accessible option, but I know for a fact we’re not the only two who could benefit from it.

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  1. You learn something every day. Today, for instance, I learned that Win can rhyme with Can. :p

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