What Are The Chances?

Ro tipped me off to this story yesterday (Look at me, remembering to credit people twice in a row!), and said she’d never heard of something like it happening before. I know I have, and I’m pretty sure at least one case of it is on the site somewhere. Carin,this is the part where I need your memory, because I’m not sure where to begin searching.

Matthew McMahon, 20, was patrolling the streets of St Augustine, Florida, in his police cruiser when he saw an unmarked car approach him from the rear.

As the car passed him, he saw something to suggest the car was suspicious. He pulled up next to the driver and flashed his lights, ordering him to pull over.

Unfortunately for Mr McMahon, his police cruiser is decommissioned and he isn’t even a cop. To make matters worse, the man he tried to affect a traffic stop on was Detective Chance Anderson, who was on patrol in an unmarked vehicle.

You can guess how well things went from there.

At present, he’s working on coming up with $5500 bond. For his sake I hope he has an easier time with that than he did coming up with a reason for pulling over an actual policeman.

And yes, the cop’s name is seriously Chance Anderson. What are the…odds?

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  1. It appears my memory is failing me. I’m sure we’ve had not so legit cops pull over legit ones…but I don’t know when. Gack. There’s too much wacky and dumb up here.

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