Rocky Horror Turns 40

And now, here’s Gill to celebrate a classic movie that I don’t think I’ve ever watched all the way through. Not because of any controversy or anything, just more because I never really cared. I’m not much of a movie guy.

In 1974 People Magazine was brand new, you could find All In the Family, Good Times, and Happy Days dotting the airways. In the theatres a controversial new film made its way in. Churches discouraged congregants to see this film saying, as probably my pastor would that it was an abomination. The Rocky Horror Picture Show turns 40 this year time warping its way in to cult classic status.

Seeing It With My Mom

About five years ago when my mom and I were out visiting relatives in Alberta, we went for a midnight showing of the movie. My mom probably was wondering what I was doing there, or even what she was doing watching this film with overt references to homosexuality, incest, and human sacrifice. It was however a good time, and that’s what truly counts.

What Should You Do

Gather some friends, turn down the lights, and do the time warp again.

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  1. It isn’t the same at home on video and it’s not the same when I’m not with a group. It needs the audience participation.

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