The Lost Art Of Fun, Part 2

Gill time.

A while back I spoke of how in this fast world children have lost the interest or want to have fun. Here are some ways to recreate this slowly going extinct part of life.

  • 1 The delightful spot – Every child should have a place that a favorite aunt or in my case my grandmother took me. I would get off the bus, my grandma would meet me, and we would go to this little Mom & Pop roadside restaurant. She would order a tea, and I would often have this thing called an orange twist doughnut.
  • 2 A favorite set of memories – My faves involve getting in my parents car, and driving an hour away to a family friends home, I would listen to some tapes, and then show a dance routine.
  • 3 A favorite snack – I may be grown and diabetic, but nothing takes me to those lively years on the farm like chocolate chip cookies. I’m not talking store bought, these are the ones like grandma used to make with the all important ingredient love.


What is one of your favorite memories from childhood?

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