There’s Going To Be A Town Hall Meeting About Accessible Federal Elections. Maybe They’ll Announce That Such A Thing Will Start To Exist

This sounds like it could be an interesting event. If nothing else, it should hopefully give us a sense of whether we’re ever going to see the federal system step up and at least try to match what some provinces and municipalities have already been managing on the accessible, independent voting front for several years.

 Accessible Media Inc. announced today that it will host in conjunction with the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians an Accessible Federal Elections Town Hall on Saturday, February 28.
With a federal election on the horizon, AMI and the AEBC have partnered to host this event that will feature a discussion with Mr. Marc Mayrand, Chief Electoral Officer of Canada. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions of Mr. Mayrand related to accessibility tools and services that have been implemented in preparation for this year’s federal election.
“We’re pleased to provide this opportunity to members of the blind and partially sighted community,” explains Peter Burke, AMI Vice-President of Marketing and Communications. “Our audience is hungry for information and this event will enable them to share insights, ask questions and become more informed about the federal election process.”
Anthony Tibbs, President of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians believes the event is an important step toward accessibility. “Canadians who are blind and partially sighted have the right and deserve the ability to vote independently and in secret, and to know that their ballot has been appropriately cast,” he says. “We as an organization and as a community need to continue to work with Elections Canada, and with the government, to achieve that goal.”
The Accessible Federal Elections Town Hall hosted by AMI and the AEBC is scheduled for Saturday, February 28 from 1 – 3 pm EST at the Cambridge Suites Hotel in downtown Toronto. There is no cost to attend and participants may attend in person or via teleconference. Mr. Mayrand will participate in this event by teleconference from Ottawa.

Since it wasn’t mentioned, I assume teleconference info is still being finalized. If/when I find out the specifics, I’ll let you know.

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