Please Excuse The Impending Site Weirdness. I’m Fixing Stuff…I Hope

Quick heads-up. If the site looks more broken than usual in the next little while, it’s because I’m breaking it. We’ve been planning on changing the theme for a while and today I decided screw it, it’s time. Hopefully it won’t be too complex an operation and we’ll be back to normal soon after only minimal incident, but you know how that goes.

This shouldn’t mean much in the way of changes for you, aside from the site hopefully working better with your pocket compy of choice. Old man compies should be business as usual if not a little nicer, but again, you know how that goes.

As always, feel free to yell at us if something doesn’t seem right.

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  1. Leaving a comment since the form is a bit different now and I want to test it out.

    I think things are coming along ok now. It took me a little longer than I expected since I am, as it turns out, kinda stupid. I’m not sure how many times you guys would try to put page elements into place and have it utterly fail before you realize that your sidebars are in completely different places than you think they are, but I guarantee it would likely be less times than I did. The worst part is I looked at it before I started doing it. I’m either a failbox or just way too used to how the old design worked. Probably a bit of both.

    1. Go you. I don’t envy you. Like I said in the email, only wacky things I’ve noticed so far are the fact that insert t says screw you, ya got nothing’ to give me, and recent posts has a new home, but other than that, things look good. Oh, nitpickery, but do we want every post to have an h1? I mean, our heading structure was less than stellar before, so really, I guess it’s no big deal…but I think it would be cool if we had our title be h1, and everything under that be h2’s for posts and maybe other h’s for widgets, but we probably don’t have that much control? It’s just one of those things that sometimes jumps out and smashes me about the face.

      I really hope it does happy things for mobile. I wonder if our ads will still make voiceover paralyze?

      1. I explained the recent posts and stuff moving around in the reply to the email, but for the benefit of those of you who don’t work for the NSA, it moved because I had to move it, basically. The sidebar structure is completely different with this theme, so it required me to have to rearrange just about everything so that it hopefully makes sense within the limits I was given by WordPress. You know, the ones I refused to notice, hahaha.

        Truth be told, I hadn’t even gotten to the point of noticing the heading levels yet. Anything that happened to them is something the theme change did. We likely wouldn’t need many different levels if we need them at all since most of the headings save for I think the comments section ones represent the title of something.

      2. The Page does have a title, I’m just not sure why Firefox and NVDA don’t read it when you hit insert T.

        I still need to see what happens when you pass over one of those frames on the phone and pod. Want to test with them both since they’re each running different versions of iOS. From what I’ve read the ad units are supposed to also be responsive now and have been for a while, I believe without any real changes needed on our part. If I’m wrong about that it’s easy enough to make a new one, but I don’t think I am. What I’ve noticed bumming around online especially when we only had the one computer seems to back me up, since no matter what, each unit only has one ad in it when you look at it on the phone. The freezing in frames thing is something that didn’t start until iOS 7. I have no idea why or how that bug came to be, but it’s not anything we’ve done.

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