Parton Parcel Part Two

So. Did Eric Parton, the fella who claimed it was rubber junk he was waving at the neighbours rather than his own, get anyone to buy that? Nope. He was found guilty in less than 45 minutes.

Judge Clayson said: “In October last year you exposed your penis while walking round the back of your van, quite deliberately, in order to distress your female neighbour who was about to shut the curtains of the upstairs window.

“I’m not going to send you to prison immediately today but this certainly calls for a suspended sentence.” Parton, who denied indecent exposure, must also pay prosecution costs of £3,000 and was ordered to pay Mrs Burkaky compensation of £250.

The 12 week jail term was suspended for 18 months, perhaps so Parton has plenty of time to perform the 100 hours of community service he was also given. And if that’s not quite enough for you, for the next 7 years he’ll be subject to a sexual offences prevention order, a basic explanation of which can be found here in case, like me, you weren’t exactly sure what that was.

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