I think we all know this experience. You pick up the phone, say hello, and a second later, you get blasted by the sound of a boat horn. Then a voice says you’ve won a cruise and all you have to do is do a survey…at which point, hopefully you hang up because you think this is some kind of scam. I don’t think there’s a free cruise…not without a whole bunch of trouble attached.

Well, they just got dinged for their shady behaviour by the CRTC. So, long story short, that damn horn to the ear won’t be happening anymore. And the CRTC isn’t the only one on their tails. It looks like the FTC and a whole bunch of other agencies are after them too. It turns out people don’t like it when you use that survey loophole in the Do Not Call rules to sell stuff.

Ha ha ha ha ha suckers.

Here’s a weird aside. Ever since we ditched bell and went all cell, I’ve gotten several of those silent calls, and some surveys. Steve’s been lucky, but boy have I gotten a bunch of them. The stupid surveys can get through the DNCL, but I don’t know where those silent calls come from. What the heck did I do to attract all the pests?

Another weird aside: One of the survey calls I got was asking about whether I had a cell phone, and if so, if it was my only phone. But the weird part was it asked me several questions, and then asked if now was a safe time to answer the survey. Um, shouldn’t that question come at the beginning?

At any rate, I’m glad I won’t be getting a horn to the ear, that’s for sure.

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