My Other Car Is A Rolling Party

Not much to this one, but it does feature my new favourite excuse for being no good at drinking and driving.

You see officer, the vehicle with which I just plowed into that there stationary one is not my drinking car.

They don’t explain exactly what that means, but I can only assume that she’s more comfortable DWIing it up in a different one to which she did not at the moment have access.

A City of Tonawanda woman was driving on Syracuse Street Wednesday night when she hit a parked car.
Sharon K. Bidell, 55, told officers that the 1965 Chevy Nova she was driving at the time was “not my drinking car,” police said.

When questioned, Bidell admitted that she had been drinking earlier in the day, a statement seemingly backed up by the 0.21 result she received on a blood alcohol test administered down at the station.

She was charged with DWI, aggravated DWI and making an unsafe lane change. Pretty sure at least one of those last two account for hey, you just hit a car.

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