The Guzzle Buddy: Because Why Would You Pour Wine When You Can Just Make The Bottle Into A Glass

I don’t know that the Guzzle Buddy is as great an invension as the Beerbelly, but you won’t be convincing me that it shouldn’t come up during a conversation about the shortlist of the best something or other.
The original guzzle buddy turns your wine bottle into your oversized XL wine glass. It is the true, ultimate wine bottle glass, because everyone loves an extra-large wine glass. Pouring wine is such a chore, so no more wasting time pouring or empty glasses. Grab your guzzle buddy and follow these three easy steps. Open your favorite bottle of wine. Insert the guzzle buddy by screwing directly into the top of your bottle. Tilt the bottle and enjoy drinking straight from your wine bottle glass. As you tilt the bottle, the guzzle buddy gently aerates the wine giving you a whole new drinking experience.

And good news. Classing up your next dinner party won’t break the bank unless you’re extremely poor. Your very own Guzzle Buddy will only set you back $14.49 once Amazon gets them back in stock.

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