Poopies With A Purpose

No, I wasn’t smart enough to come up with that title completely on my own…I got a little inspiration from this fund-raising campaign.

Apparently, in Waterloo, they’re finding a use for dog poop. They’re running a pilot project that will try and turn it into power. That’s awesome, since dog poop is one of those pesky problems that isn’t easy to deal with. You can’t use it as compost or fertilizer, it just ends up hanging out in the landfill.

It works like this: A dog-owner walking their pet will scoop up its waste, just as they would normally. But instead of throwing the bag into a trash can, they pop it into a special receptacle.

Jaworsky said the receptacle looks like a “rural post box,” but bright green with a dog-shaped opening.
The bags of dog poop are stored in an underground container for 10 to 14 days, Jaworsky said, and then vacuumed out and sent to a processing plant outside of the city to be combined with other organic waste.
Through anaerobic digestion, it will create a biogas that can then be burned for heat and energy. Any leftover waste is then used for fertilizer.

I wonder how many poor shmos might end up with poop parcels in their mailboxes as it moves from pilot to wider use? Probably none, but it is an amusing picture.

I really hope it takes off. It would be nice to put Shmans’s, er, donations, into something helpful to everyone.

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