Normally I’d tell a guy like Andrew S. Gordon that he should have quit while he was ahead, but in order for that advice to be of any value he’d have had to have been ahead at some point.

Already in jail and upset about it after hiring a hitman who turned out to be an undercover cop to kill and/or injure his ex-wife, Gordon decided he would try hiring another hitman (this time hopefully a real one) to kill both the fake hitman and another person who was scheduled to testify against him in the original case. But in spite of his coded letters, his careful handling of the paper they were written on and having a fellow inmate talk on the phone for him to keep his own voice from appearing on jailhouse recordings, his new hitman was just as undercovery as the first one, because of course he was.

Gordon was arrested Sept. 19 after Middlesex County prosecutors alleged he offered a hit man $20,000 to kill his estranged wife. In that case, state prosecutors said, he met with an undercover trooper posing as a contract killer, at one point revising his request and asking that his wife be injured so she would miss a court hearing.
He pleaded not guilty to the accusation he solicited someone to kill his wife and is due back in Middlesex Superior Court on May 26.
While being held without bail on the case involving his wife, Gordon asked an inmate if he knew someone who was willing to kill the trooper who posed as the hit man and another person who cooperated with police, Oppedisano wrote.
Gordon told the inmate he was furious about being set up and wanted the trooper and the other person killed to weaken the case, Oppedisano wrote. He agreed to pay $15,000 for the killings, Oppedisano wrote.
The inmate responded that he had a cousin in a gang who could commit the murders. He then disclosed Gordon’s plot to his defense attorney and agreed to cooperate with investigators, saying he “did not want a policeman to get hurt or killed,” Oppedisano wrote.

Does anyone else have a serious I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly vibe right now?

He hired the cop to kill the snitch, he hired the snitch to kill the wife…

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