Help Our Friend Barb Win This Year’s Holman Prize

Our friend Barb MacDougall is a very talented musician, and she wants to share her love of music and the benefits of it with as many people as she can. So to help herself reach that goal, she has submitted an application for this year’s Holman Prize.

What is that? It’s this.

In 2017, LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco launched the Holman Prize to support the emerging adventurousness and can-do spirit of blind and low vision people worldwide. This endeavor celebrates people who want to shape their own future instead of having it laid out for them.
Created specifically for legally blind individuals with a penchant for exploration of all types, the Prize provides financial backing – up to $25,000 – for three individuals to explore the world and push their limits.
The ideal candidate is someone who is willing to probe their environment and eager to savor the richness of a world that is so often thought of as inaccessible to the blind. This exploration may involve travel, community organizing, athletics, creating art and more.
The Prize begins with a challenge: blind applicants must submit a first-round pitch, in the form of a 90-second YouTube video. Later, a select group of semifinalists will submit in-depth written proposals, and an even smaller group of finalists will be interviewed by LightHouse staff.

This is Barb’s first-round pitch.

Give it a watch and share it with anyone who might be interested.

We’re totally pulling for you, Barb!

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