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Last Updated on: 4th September 2019, 02:01 pm

The CBC has this labeled as opinion, for some reason. Doug Ford’s government is a government of grifters

It shouldn’t be this easy to write so many look at some of this shit pieces so soon, guys. We haven’t even been living with this mistake for a year yet.

I’m obviously not going to post every one of these I find (there are only so many hours in a day), but I want to point you all to this one because it would be a shame for anyone to fall for this funding non-announcement announcement.

Standing before reporters Monday, Education Minister Lisa Thompson announced what she referred to as “additional funding for our school boards” to accommodate students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). There were some small nuggets: the expansion of after-school development programs, additional resources for teacher training, and so forth.
But leading them all was the “announcement” that boards will be eligible for an average of $12,300 for every new student with autism enrolled in school.
“This funding will allow school boards to make sure there are proper supports available during the transition from therapy to school,” she said.
Sounds great, doesn’t it? And coincidentally timed, too: A few days after parents rallied outside of Queen’s Park to protest the government’s changes on the autism file. Also right as teachers began expressing concern that cutbacks to therapy would mean students would be sent school unprepared, leaving teachers to somehow make up the gap.

But here’s the thing: This was not new money.
The $12,300 figure was projected back in August as the average per-pupil funding available for the 2018-2019 school year. This is up only slightly from the previous year, when the per-pupil figure was $12,100. But the increase had already happened — Thompson’s “announcement” was an announcement of the status quo. The same funds.
And here’s the other thing: This funding is not specific to students with autism. It is not even specific to students with special needs. The province offers school boards in Ontario $12,300 for any student newly enrolled in school.

And speaking of education, the government unleashed this bit of slogan-ridden junk to tell us not much in a whole lot of words about changes they’re planning to make to it. There’s plenty to nervously wonder about and maybe a thing or two that might be ok, and then there’s this.

The government is committed to discussing the key elements of the proposed plan, including hiring practices and class sizes, through a consultation process that allows partners to provide the benefit of their expertise, experience and ideas.
“We welcome conversation with any education stakeholder who is prepared to work with us in good faith to ensure our plan continues to serve the best interests of Ontario’s students in a way that works for families and school boards and is fair to our educators.” said Thompson.

Good faith? Fuck you! Fuck you all the way back to 98 or the stone age or wherever you’re cribbing your curriculum from. People who do whatever mean-spirited shit they want to easy targets out of the blue simply because they can deserve no good faith. Ask all those basic income people about good faith, you worthless shitgibbons.

Ok, I think I feel a little better. But I’ll feel much better in 2022, I hope.

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