Did He Have Life Insurance? Because That’s Probably Good For Attempted Fraud

Two things here:

  1. The headline Authorities: Man who set himself on fire faces arson charge sounds like something I should be reading in a joke or in one of those stupid hoax stories designed to trick people who have neither a good eye nor a grasp on Google.
  2. What was this cop thinking? Yes it seems to have worked out ok, but shooting electricity at a flaming man covered in gasoline sounds like one of those things that has great potential to end rather poorly. Someone can feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that.

Camden County authorities say Karl Ireland was violating a restraining order that barred him from the Berlin home. When police arrived, they found the 47-year-old Berlin man in the rear yard near a shed and ordered him to “show his hands.”
Authorities say Ireland instead poured gasoline on his head and somehow ignited a fire. An officer used a stun gun to force Ireland to the ground so they could extinguish the blaze and administer first aid.

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