If Anybody’s Going To Put A Stick To Someone Here It’s Going To Be Us, Said The Cops

I realize the answer is that I really don’t want to know, but I do sometimes wish I knew what went through people’s minds when these sorts of decisions are made.

After being stopped by police for riding bikes with no lights, almost getting themselves hit while crossing a street and subsequently refusing to take part in or doing not so well on sobriety tests, Aaron Thomas and Megan Mondanaro found themselves handcuffed in a police car, waiting to be taken to jail. But idle hands are the devil’s tools or at least so the saying goes, so Thomas and Mondanaro decided this would be a fine time to employ some tools of a different kind.

While Hunter was outside his squad car waiting for a vehicle to transport Mondanaro and Thomas to jail, “Megan and Aaron took their clothes off and started to have sex,” according to arrest reports.
Upon spotting the pair trysting, Hunter “opened up the door to stop them.” By then, “Aaron was naked and Megan had her pants down where her vaginal area was visible. I also observed her bra was half way off and her breasts were fully visible,” Hunter noted.

Mondanaro was charged with DUI, resisting officers (based on the fight she had with the cops after their very rude interruption), exposure of sexual organs, and engaging in lascivious acts. She was jailed on $12,508 bond, which seems like a completely random number.

Thomas was charged with basically everything Mondanaro got, plus escaping (he knocked down a deputy, ran off and was eventually found hiding naked behind a Cold Stone Creamery), and threatening public officials. He’s been locked up without bond.

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