I Think I Know The Answer To Most Of These Questions

What kind of person murders someone? What kind of person thoroughly documents himself murdering someone? What kind of person writes the word “homicide” on the media containing the thorough documentation of him murdering someone? What kind of person drops the media containing the thorough documentation of him murdering someone with the word “homicide” written on it in the damn street?

On September 30, a woman told police she found the memory card in a street in the Anchorage, Alaska, neighborhood of Fairview, reports local news outlet KTUU. The card reportedly held 12 videos and 39 photos that show the progression of a murder.
A charging document states that the videos depict a woman being choked, and a man saying “just … die,” reports the Associated Press. Photos reportedly show the victim’s body on a hotel luggage cart.
On October 2, law enforcement was alerted to remains by the 108 mile marker on Seward Highway. Authorities determined it was the woman who was captured in the videos.

Further investigation identified the man in the videos as Brian Steven Smith, who was already known to police. They were able to link him to a stay in a hotel room that matched the murder scene. They were also able to place him in the area where the body was found through a search of his phone records. At least there was something the guy didn’t record, for crying out loud.

He has since been charged with murder, because duh.

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