On Second Thought, You Can Keep It

I won’t bother commenting on what this guy did to his grandmother. You shouldn’t need me to. If you don’t know how I feel about that, you’re probably the sort who would do what he did and I have no time to reason with you. I’m just here to find out how common it is to stash money in your underwear. Do people do this? I’ve heard of shoes, socks and bras, but underwear? That’s a new one. If I’m the only one to whom this is new, can we hurry up and get to the completely cashless society I keep hearing about?

Jared Otte, a 19-year-old Memphis resident, entered the 63-year-old victim’s home in late-August and “demanded she give him cash,” according to a complaint affidavit.
Otte’s grandmother told police that when she declined to hand over any money, Otte pushed her onto on the bed and “held her down, raised her dress, and removed $10 from her undergarments.”
The woman, a detective reported, “suffered bruising on her arms and leg during this incident.”

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