Finger…On…The Button…

Last Updated on: 16th July 2021, 01:39 pm

I am so tempted to delete every Raw, Smackdown and main roster WWE PPV from my never ending wrestling watchlist.

What in the actual hell is this retribution shit?

For weeks these goobers have been running around like a lame version of the Nexus, messing with the broadcast feed, menacing employees and misclassified independent contractors, destroying property. Management and security are at a loss. We just can’t keep them out of here. What ever shall we do?

Well, according to the Raw I just watched, the answer is sign them all to contracts and then have the announcers beat into our heads that now they can do whatever they want.

The fuck?

Guys, they were already doing whatever they wanted. What is paying them to do it going to solve? And why would you pay someone to destroy your show? That’s just dumb. Besides, you already have Vince.

You might have a sniff of a good story if you had been hinting that there was some discontent among management and it turned out that someone had formed a crew and unleashed it on the company in an attempt to destroy it. Or maybe, since their direction seems to be feuding with the Hurt Business, you could have had them absolutely brutalize them, maybe even writing at least one of them out for a while, and then have the rest of the Hurt Business come out and beg for WWE to let these fuckers in so we can kill them.

But that’s not what we’re getting. What we’re getting is thrown together shit that struggles to stay coherent from segment to segment.

All this on top of nearly every damn match having some sort of dumb ass disqualification or distraction finish, nobody advancing anywhere and doing the same matches over and over again, and somehow managing to make Keith Lee of all people boring.

I’m on the verge of losing my mind again. There’s so much good wrestling out there. Who needs this shit anymore?

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