Last Updated on: 23rd June 2022, 04:06 pm

  1. Why is my iPhone suddenly obsessed with getting me to mute notifications, especially ones from apps and conversations I tend to look at more than not? And why does hitting the “not now” button cause nothing to happen? Oh, and when I say obsessed, I’m not joking. The damn thing literally just tried to get me to mute a missed call notification. Settle down, Apple.
  2. Why do online calendars allow you to double book yourself? I’ve watched Carin do this by accident a couple of times and she’s mentioned coworkers doing it. None of this makes any sense to me. You’re a computer. that seems like the exact thing you should have the capacity to prevent. Like how hard would it be to throw up a message saying “hey, you sure you want to do that? You already have something else in this spot.”?
  3. Why is checking your work or your assertions such a foreign concept anymore? If you tell us that forms are pre-filled with all of our information and all we have to do is sign and return them, for example, why are we discovering that this is not true? Perhaps that’s a question we can get answered when we return them and are forced to bother you to help us fill everything that was supposed to be filled out out.

    Or maybe you’ve taken out an advertisement that may one day run on a site as prestigious as the currently half broken Vomit Comet. Why would you pay decent money to tell us all about your business and then implore us to “Shop No”? Come on, man. Thirty seconds of editing is your friend.

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