Christianity Or Science

It’s nice to see a faithful person saying rational things like Gill is here. Far too often the religious people with the largest platforms and loudest voices are using them to convince people to reject science and put all their faith in god, which translates to “send us money and everything will be ok.”

As some of you know, I am a devout Christian, and that gets quite a few questions.  One is, “if your so devout, why can’t you just pray stuff like your diabetes or heart condition away?”


God’s will.  My grandmothers, both devout Christians, said God had made me this way for a purpose, and only he knows what that is.

Why Trust Science?

With out people with God given talents, I would have died from diabetic complications, my sister may not be doing so well with a blood disorder she was diagnosed with as a young teen, and we would not have so many new medicines, vaccines, and people working on cures for other deadly diseases.  Nowadays someone doesn’t have to die of encephalitis, but when my grandmother’s sister had it at 2-years-old in 1929, they didn’t have the knowledge they have now.

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