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Last Updated on: 8th September 2022, 02:21 pm

I understand wanting to be secure and prevent crime, but this seems a bit much.

If you’ve gone to a Rogers store during business hours recently and were wondering why the door is locked, the company wants you to know it’s the result of a policy change aimed at preventing robberies and fraud.
The Canadian telecom giant now requires customers to show a piece of government-issued identification before entering a store — a rule that has some experts and customers in Toronto raising their eyebrows.
“The safety of our team members and customers is of the utmost importance to us,” said Rogers spokesperson Chloe Luciani-Girouard in a statement to CBC Toronto.
“Several measures have been put in place over the last few years to improve safety in the stores, including robust training, upgraded cameras, and enhanced door screening policy.”

Rogers says it’s a national policy that was implemented over a year ago, but the company also says it only applies in certain stores, although it does not specify which ones or where they’re located.

Um, if it’s a *national* policy, shouldn’t it apply *nationally*? I know that’s a lot to ask because it’s only what the word means, but try to work with us here, guys.

Picking and choosing where to enforce it is just going to confuse people. It’s also going to make things extra fun for blind dudes such as myself. Is the door locked because it’s closed or because they need me to show ID? I’ll have no idea unless someone happens to be around to tell me, so I’m likely to just give up and go home. Or perhaps I’ll go to someplace less annoying that also sells phones. Someplace like another country, because everyone who sells phones in Canada is annoying. But at least everyone else doesn’t require you to identify yourself outside of a locked door or even more concerning, make eye contact with a camera…at least not yet.

Oh, and what are you supposed to do if the circumstances that have you needing to replace your phone also involve your ID being stolen?

I don’t think this was thought out very well.

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