Santa Claus Has Come To Town

Last Updated on: 14th November 2022, 06:37 pm

The day has come, and all those nights in the sleep lab have paid off. I have my CPAP machine. It’s called the AirSense 11 by ResMed, but I have nicknamed it Santa Claus. It monitors the quality of your sleep and how many hours you sleep and all that data goes to your doctor. So…you know, it knows when you are sleeping, it knows when you’re awake. It knows if you’ve been using it, so do it for goodness sake.

I am pleasantly surprised at how small the machine is. It’s almost cute!

An Airsense 11 machine with the screen facing the camera. It's about the size of a clock radio.
And here I was worried this thing was going to be huge!

I picked it up today, and got a bunch of training on how to hook it all up and use it. The lady was super nice and patient. She even let me record our session in case I have a forgetful moment later.

I’m really looking forward to getting the benefits of this thing. I’m finding that more and more, I’m tired all the time and feel like I’m swimming through a fog. I hope that this helps lift that fog. If I have results like I did that night at the sleep lab, that would rock.

I’m also excited because the mask I got is smaller than the one I had at the lab, so I might actually be understood if I forget to remove it before talking. Who knows, though. Once the air goes through it, all bets might be off.

So, wish me luck. I hope Santa Claus brings me the gift of many good nights’ sleep and lower blood pressure. I’ll make progress reports as things go, and hopefully not bore everyone to death.

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