A Very Good Cover Of Ripple

I suppose it maybe isn’t that much of a stretch to think of the Grateful Dead’s “Ripple” as a country song, but apparently when you really lean into that style it works rather well.

This is Logan Ledger, who as often happens with these covers I had never heard of until right this moment.

According to Ledger, he was recording his album with Jennings at Sunset Sound in L.A. when he began singing “Ripple” in the booth. Jennings encouraged him to cut it, and they did.

“I’m very fond of the recording we made together — the way Shooter’s piano weaves in gracefully just for that one little section, Nick Bockrath’s tremolo part which evokes David Grisman’s mandolin on the original, Russ Pahl’s blanket of hippie steel, Frank Rische’s beautiful harmony. It reminds me of home,” Ledger says.

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